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If you’re a homeowner you could find a loan that is secured against your home. Compare secured loans, and find better rates to reduce your repayments.

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What are Home-owner Loans?

Homeowner loans are a form of lending that uses a property (usually your house or apartment/flat) as security.

Using your home as security for a loan allows lenders to be more flexible about who they lend money to. This means that it is often possible for people with adverse, poor, or even bad credit histories to borrow the money they require without paying the higher rates of interest sometimes associated with an unsecured loan.

We at learn about you and find you the perfect loan (secured/mortgage/remortgage). We present a few simple questions about you and your needs (it can be anything like buying a new home or expanding your current one, making a new kitchen or an extra bedroom, wanting to wipe out the debt). It’ll only take minutes, and we’ll dig up the best of the best across Nationwide for you.

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We and our partners have been helping people find the right loan for over 40 years, with award-winning customer service and our straightforward application process. See how you could benefit from our friendly and reliable service.

Everything we do is designed to find the best possible loan or mortgage to fit your personal circumstances.

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Tired of pushy salespeople and lengthy processes? With us, everything is clear and easy to understand.

At, we are making the process of taking out a loan or remortgage easy for everyone, whatever their circumstances. We can look through a wide range of loan products than a high street bank – giving you more choice from more lenders.

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Just like a comparison site, we search what’s available from top lenders to find a secured loan or a remortgage that fits your needs. Additionally, we help you with your application from start to finish.

We sort it all; the advice, the paperwork, the application, the bank poking, we handle all the stress. Turn that home-owner dream into a real mortgage offer. And if you’re just remortgaging we could save you a lot of money.

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Most frequent questions and answers

As the names suggest, the main difference between secured and unsecured loans is that your home is more at risk with a secured loan than with an unsecured loan. You can also borrow more with a secured loan in comparison with an unsecured loan. The most important thing to keep in mind is the interest rates. They vary for secured loans, whereas personal loan interest rates are fixed for the length of the loan.

If you need to move house to get more space or for a new job and are unable to sell your current property, or want to keep it as an investment, or for sentimental reasons, instead of a secured loan or bridging loan you could look at taking out a let-to-buy mortgage. With a let-to-buy mortgage you take out a buy-to-let mortgage on your current property and use the equity released, plus your existing mortgage or a new one, to buy your new home.

Yes, you could still be accepted for a secured loan if you have a low credit score or ‘bad credit’. A low credit score could be caused by not being on the voter’s roll, missing loan payments, going over your credit card credit limit, or if you have defaulted on a credit facility, or have a County Court Judgement, for example. If you have a low credit score, your choice of secured loans will be more limited, and the interest rates you are charged could be higher than the rates for people with higher credit scores.

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